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Please complete each question thoroughly. After submittal and thorough review and evaluation, projects with the most potential will be recommended for funding to the President and Senior Leadership. Project leaders will be notified of decisions.

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Summarize key components and expected outcomes.
Briefly describe the process or steps required to successfully complete the projects.
List the strategic plan "to be" statement or statements that this project will advance, and/or alignment with current university priorities.
How long will this project take to complete? What milestones will be accomplished within the timeline?
How much will the project cost, and how will the money be allocated/spent? What university funding is requested? What external funding will be sought, or has been obtained, in support of the goals of the project? For projects lasting longer than six months, describe the budgeting process. What non-financial resources may be required to complete this project (facilities, personnel, etc.)?
After the project is completed, what future needs are envisioned to continue progress? Will additional funding in the future be required?
List key impacts and benefits of the project on the ISU community, internally and/or externally. What return on investment (ROI) is expected for ISU and advancing the strategic plan?
How will this project measure and define success? What KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) will be used to track progress?
List risks or challenges foreseen with the project. How will they be mitigated or managed?
List formal groups/organizations on or off campus expected to partner or contribute to the project, and briefly list what role each will play.
What other information would be helpful for reviewing your proposal? Alternatively, please use this portion to expand upon any answers from above.