Iowa State University – Strategic Plan 2022-2031 Preproposal Form

As part of the ISU Strategic Plan 2022-2031, the university welcomes active participation in the form of projects and initiatives that will help attain stated goals, University priorities, To Be Statements, and Thematic Pillars. This preproposal will allow individuals the opportunity to outline their projects and receive feedback about the proposed initiative. Preproposals are limited to two pages and can be submitted at any time. To be considered for funding, a full proposal MUST be submitted.

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PreProposal Form

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What is the project looking to accomplish? Please state the project objectives to meet the goal(s)
Summarize key components and expected outcomes.
Project Sponsors: Please share the project leader’s name, title and unit, email and phone number as well as the same information for any additional team members. Why are you well-suited to lead this project?
How is the project aligned to the University’s strategic plan, the Thematic Pillars and the To-Be Statements?
List formal groups/organizations on or off campus expected to partner or contribute to the project, and briefly list what role each will play.